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What you need to submit to music blog sites...

As an independent artist you have to do everything sometimes like find producers, locate a studio, write your lyrics, record, perform and all that good stuff. You also have to find other ways to get your music out there to the public.

You have to become your own publicist.

You may not be able to afford a publicist or PR company right now but it doesn't mean you can't get your stuff out there. A good way is by building relationships with people in the music media. Journalist, bloggers, music publications and the like. If you don't have the time or resources to be where the action is to meet all these people, then the digital world has created a hive of music industry media outlets that cater to new and established music works. They're rooted in showcasing talent. They build their audiences from the ground up and have to remain engaged with that audience if they want to be able leverage it one day. Their looking for you and that fire song you cooked up.

This definition can fit a lot of music professionals but for this post, I'm talking about bloggers and music sites.

Now, before you go thinking you're gonna be in the Freshman Class on the XXL cover, you're forgetting something about the major platforms. They either find you or you have to pay to be within their editorials or advertisement pages (yep, even online). But if you do your research many of the sites are FREE to submit your work for consideration.

So now you have a bunch of blog sites that you want to get your music out to right before your latest song or album release. Oh, don't worry, I have a list I'm developing of all these free music blog sites I've encountered and will make it available on the site. (Follow me at @theMACoach on twitter for updates on that). Any way, there a few things you want to have handy when filling out the sites submission forms:

  1. Artist Name

  2. Song Name or Album Name

  3. Artwork (Hi Resolution - see site for specifics, ie: 960PX or 960 x 400)(standard recommended)

  4. Short Bio - For example - Purple Antler is an American rap group consisting of Donnie Drip and Sammy Soil, best known for their highly acclaimed debut album.

  5. Song Bio: A brief description of the song and what's it's about.

  6. Links to your music pages or the song (ie: website, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, ITunes, etc)

  7. Video Links (ie: YouTube, Vimeo, etc)

  8. Always have your Social media links and handles available. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

  9. MISC: Websites related to you and your music.

NOTE: Always check to see if the site has specific submission rules or guidelines. Some sites precisely want you to put your artist name, song name in the subject line. You don't want to spend your precious time submitting to a site incorrectly and have your stuff ignored because you couldn't follow directions. You'd be surprised how many talented people get turned away because they can't follow directions. Don't be that artist.

Lastly, DO NOT SPAM THE SITES. I REPEAT, DO NOT SPAM THE SITES. It's important not to do this as they may be inundated with emails and trying to be fair in reviewing everyone's work. Remember they're doing this for free. Don't be the person that's sending a submission or email everyday. You'll immediately get rejected because you sent too many emails. Best bet is to set enough time ahead of your release so you can get a submission in and maybe a follow up or two in the coming weeks.

That's all I got for ya today. Follow me on Twitter @TheMACoach for updates on when I'll have that music blog package available.

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