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What does #NoDaysOff mean?

When I post something with the hashtag #NoDaysOff, I live this quote. But, first, this hashtag doesn't mean you cannot sleep. We've all done the burning the midnight oil thing and have reaped some benefits or faced its curse. But, physical and mental health has to come first.

Getting back to the meaning of #NoDaysOff, it's about moving forward. I'm always in motion looking for the next opportunity to be great. Yes, I have my days when things are overwhelming, but who doesn't? If life doesn't get hard, then you'll never grow. And that's what my hashtag is all about... #growth. I stopped growing in height a long time ago, lol, and my weight hardly ever fluctuates that much so I only have my intellect and audience to grow. A continuous challenge to be better than I was yesterday and to those, I interact with. I am a father, friend, confidant, consultant, and mentor, and I carry that with great pride to help someone along their own journey. Sharing my experiences and advice. My growth is a living example for someone else to grow within themselves. Not taking a day off because of the discipline of taking care of yourself and being better that's growth. #nodaysoff

Love what you do and continue to do it. You're driven, focused, and looking to be better than you were today.

- Shaheim Kellum

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