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Want more music fans? Here’s one simple tip - Music Coach Tip # 52

I did a 1 hour consultation last night with a music group in the Midwest and the defining advice I gave them was to get creative telling their story. Tell your story even as it’s developing...

We all like seeing people win (well, most of us do), we LOVE seeing people go through struggle and then WIN! Those fans that don’t know you are quietly rooting for the underdog and that’s YOU! Let them know you exist. Tell them not just the good but the bad in your story... it builds trust and detailed features about who you are, where you cane from and where you’re headed approaching you triumph.

Trust me, people love a good story and will support almost everything around it.

Mostly, because they see themselves in it or can just plainly relate. That’s the fan that will be loyal to you, for life, because you are them personified thru music 🎵


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