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There's Always More To Do

When I was 15 years old, I spent the summer working on a farm. Yes, I know a city kid from Brooklyn, New York working on a farm... sounds crazy but it's true. I worked on a goat farm for 9 weeks. A great experience, that I would definitely recommend if you're going to be in business. But any way, I used to:

* wake up at 5:30 in the morning to feed the large herd of goats before milking time. * I would then shepherd the goats to the line up area to enter the milking chamber. * I would milk 8 goats per round from 7am to 10am for a total of 13 rounds. * While milking was going on I would pasteurize 8-10 gallons of milk to prepare for the kids (young goats). * After pasteurizing, I would carry 2 5-gallon pails to the back of the big barn, approximately 40 yards away, feed the young in each pen... 4 pens in total. * When finished, I would carry the pails back to the milking plant, clean them. * Clean the pasteurizing pots. * Prepare the big milk tank for cleaning and rinsing and wash out the suction cups for the evening milking time. * Sweeping the milking chamber was next * then grab ten 50lbs hay bails and spread then in the feeding areas of the big barn, another lower barn and a side barn. * I'd head back to the grain silo and fill up the wheel barrel to carry it to each barn to spread feed into each trough. * Wheel out the hose to fill up the water barrels * All this before noon and a ton more after...

I only had one day off and was paid $60 for the entire week.

The point is, I had so much to do. Even when I was done, I still had so much more to do to prepare the next shift and/or to repeat the cycle. One day, my boss spoke to me over lunch and said, "on a farm, there is always something to do." And I've never forgotten that because it doesn't stop with the farm. Our everyday lives run the same way. There's always something to do, always another accomplishment to seek. You gotta be able to get up and keep pushing. Keep going. Keep doing the things that matter everyday. Most of all keep doing the things you want to be doing.

From that experience, I've realized that no matter how much I accomplish, there is always more to be done. Is it an obsession for success? Maybe... Or is it more people I could be helping that I haven't encountered yet? Or a new idea that straddles the line of being crazy or changing the world. Or a sharing a song that helped me through a tough time. All I know is, I am not done yet and neither are you.!

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