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The Reach - Vol. 1

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

The Reach is a a list of connections to help you reach more people and/or fans to push your career.

Here's a list of blogs and sites that you can submit your music to for review or consideration for publication.

STGA < To Submit

"Surviving the Golden Age: Intelligent Music Discourse for Intelligent People. Please note that it is helpful if you are following @StGABlog on Twitter when submitting your music for possible review."

  • The best way to submit music to be considered for posting is to fill out their submission form.

  • Submissions will not be accepted via Surviving the Golden Age’s twitter, facebook, or soundcloud pages. Submissions through social media will be banned from posting consideration. Submissions will also not be accepted if your main website is a Myspace page because this is not 2003…Mark Zuckerberg won…just watch the Social Network.

Digital Tour Bus < To Submit

"What started as just a simple video series giving fans an exclusive look at the “home on the road” of their favorite touring acts, over seven years ago, has blossomed into a full fledged platform with multiple web video series, news content, contests, guest blogs, and more. The longest running DTB series, Bus Invaders, which takes fans inside of the buses of their favorite artists, has features over 1,000 amazing acts, including: Twenty One Pilots, The Script, G-Eazy, Fifth Harmony, A Day To Remember, Megadeth, Newsboys and Matchbox Twenty."

  • The brand tagline “Bringing You On Tour” completely embodies our goal as a company, to bring fans closer to the artists they love. We hope you enjoy our site and decide to come along for the journey!

Pitchfork - Press releases should be sent to

  • Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music.

Performer Mag - Our stereo is always on!

  • "We listen to EVERYTHING that gets mailed to the office*, and prefer physical promo copies (CD, vinyl, cassette) over downloads. If you don’t have a physical copy to send us, please email download/streaming links (NO attachments) to Emails with attachments will be deleted."

BIRP < To Submit to Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist

  • "BIRP is a monthly compilation of +100 tracks that are free to stream / download.   They're also available on a number of other services like Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, etc. On top of the monthly playlist, I also run an in-site blog devoted to new music as well as act as a hub for a growing community of people that love to share and talk about music.  It's my way of helping to promote all the independent bands I know and love and to give the listener a chance to get to hear something new."

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