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The Dream Must Be Mighty

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

For a long time in my adult life, I forgot how to dream. I mean... I dream when I got to sleep at night and even during naps. I still daydream too but I'm not talking about the random dreams I have, I'm talking about a dream I created for myself. The mighty dream I want to live out but seems to elude me. My mighty dream, "what was it again?" Oh yeah, that's the one.

The Mighty Dream

My high school and college years introduced me to the thrill of two things. Coaching and public speaking.

High School Dream

I wanted to make the varsity squad. That was the goal and my dream. I concentrated on my studies my freshman year and tried out for the varsity team my sophomore year. Sadly, I didn't make the cut. I was small and still kinda frail. I was a pesky and tenacious defender but couldn't do much on the offensive end. I played junior varsity basketball to stay around the game and work on my skills and (hopefully) grow.

I tried out again for the varsity basketball team in my junior year of high school, I trained as hard as I could that summer. Worked out 6 days a week and practiced at any given opportunity. I even gained weight to get me over 100lbs ("I told you I was small."). It still wasn't enough to make the team. That dark cloud of disappointment but not because a lack of effort but because of a knee injury a week before tryouts which wouldn't allow me to pass a physical. I was upset at myself and was watching my dream slip away.

My JV coach approached me after school a few days later and asked me to be the teams manager/statistician for the JV basketball season. Not what I dreamed of but I would be allowed to be around the sport I loved. I went to the gym for practice that late afternoon and was watching my former teammates and some newbies warming up and taking shots. I don't know what came over me but I immediately started showing individual players what they were doing wrong on their shots, footwork and positioning. Tweaking their techniques for better results. I don't know how it all came to me (I guess from all the studying and film watching I did at home) but I had a natural ability to coach. I worked on my basketball IQ without even knowing it because I wanted to get better and fulfill my dream.

I don't know but I would get this thrill and energy when I was coaching. I wasn't able to walk on the court and do it myself as a coach. That was a challenge that I embraced. I had to develop these players to be able to do it when the time called for it and they did. With that kind of passion it didn't take long for me to be appointed the first student/assistant coach and we went undefeated (17-0) that year. Ultimately, coaching became my new dream. My initial dream lead me to another dream, to coach.

College Dream

I went on to college to study coaching as I felt I found my calling. I would be thrust into a core curriculum class I didn't know I would enjoy... speech aka public speaking. Every college student must take this course, regardless if you enjoy it or not. Doing presentations and even talking to groups of people in a formal setting would require some type of public speaking skill. I would soon find out that I can get that same rush, thrill and scintillating feeling from public speaking as I did from coaching. I enjoyed having someones full attention and guiding them with my words to an enlightenment. That flush of exuberance is electrifying and is magnified by the more people I have captivated. Once again, my dream lead me to another dream.

Did I ever become the coach my classmates thought I'd become? NO, but I used it in other ways and industries, including the music business. I coach in many capacities, including in raising my children. And I speak on every platform that welcomes my voice and perspective. My dreams were mighty enough to keep guiding me to more opportunities that I could fall in love with. It's happened so often that I came up with a few rules for having a mighty dream.

Here's the rules for having a mighty dream:

1) It should make you feel happy

2) The journey to it should give you a rush, excite you

3) It should challenge you and who you are at the moment

4) It should be a guide for your decisions in life in pursuit of it

5) It should bring you to new dreams

6) It should NEVER fade

That's me #LivingMyDream speaking and having everyone hang on my every word.

We've all been young at one time and had a dream that we wanted to accomplish. Regardless of what your teachers may have told you growing up, sometimes those dreams don't work out. Sometimes you didn't make the cut or were told that you weren't good enough but was that all the reason to give it all up? For some, yes but for you... NO! You didn't give it up. You know how I know that? Because you still know what that dream is. It still gives you tingles up your spine and flashes across your eyeballs as if it were right there. You still dream and it's still mighty. Participate in your journey, dream and never stop no matter how big or impossible and maybe, just maybe, one day your mighty dream will be exactly what you thought it would be.

#MightyDream #LivingMyDream

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