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Team Huddle ≥ 3 Misconceptions About Music Managers

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

We see all the time how a new artist will attain a manager and have a set of expectations in the mind of what that manager is supposed to do for them. This is harmful, not only to the artist but to the artist-manager relationship. The manager understands what they can do for the artist, but the artist has loftier expectations that run outside the manager's responsibilities.

Here are 3 common misconceptions I'll briefly cover that new artists expect from a manager:

Promoting and Exploiting Your Music – That's a music publisher. A manager could handle some duties in a promotion. Why not, they want to see you succeed, but it is not in their job description.

Book Your Shows – That's a booking agent. Booking your shows and getting you paid gigs is not their job. They can partner and network with resources to get you access to opportunities to perform, but that's really the job of a booking agent... which you (the artist) pay for.

Pay Your Bills - (Cell phone, studio time, showcases, etc.) Don't even get me started. Investing in yourself is up to you. If a manager invests their money into your career, they have become investors, not managers. Be careful with toting this line, as you may end up with less ownership of your work even after a possible split up from your management team.

I'm glad we could clear up a few misconceptions about managers. You should have a better understanding of if you even need a manager. This might be an opportunity to take the time to learn the business by managing yourself.

More Info: There are more Do's and Don'ts of what a manager does and doesn't do, take a look here.

Shaheim Kellum

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