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Skating Tips For The Kid$ (pt. 4)

By Jaylonn Kellum

Hello, I have been wanting to ask is if you guys think there should be a game on LIFE 'n' SKATING? The game is mostly gonna be about skating in the city of Manhattan and you get to jump over cars do sick stunts like spawn (quickly go to) on top of buildings and go down the big ramps and other cool and extreme things. The skating races are gonna be for getting new items to change and design your character, you can get new boards too.

Another thing is that I was dreaming to have is something like a gift website. Where you put in a bunch of codes to get free gifts and if you give up you at least get a little figure of a skateboard. If you get it right you can get a sweater or a skateboard. I want to have a small business that will have people half way across the country wearing what I make. What I need people to do is wear what I make and I can be proud that people are happy and enjoying what I made for them. To all of you who are reading have a good day and if you are traveling, travel safely.

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