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Skating Tips For The Kid$ (pt. 2)

By Jaylonn Kellum

Things to get used to are INJURIES! You have to wear protection before you board. You got to learn that in some places you cant skate so you got to be careful of where you board. Frustration is something you have to get used to because "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." if you get upset come back to it later. Did you know that half the people in Miami, Florida love to skate board including the kids. you also have to deal with haters don't mind any of them just do what you believe. They key to buying a skateboard is testing it on a flat surface just like in target just find an open space and test how long the board rolls, if the board can roll for 3 minutes in 2 pushes then its right if it rolls for more that perfect only if you can control it. Have fun with your board and look good while riding. Get Life 'n' Skating gear here

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