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Skating Tips For The Kid$ (pt. 1)


The steps to riding a skateboard are simple. First you put you left foot on the board if your left handed right foot if you are right handed. Then you push with the foot not on the board. When you get enough speed put both feet on the board and lean to turn from left to right don't move your hips or upper body just your ankles. Next is picking up your board, you need to stop then step on the back of the board and it will kick up then you grab it. After that is throwing down your board you can take a few steps slowly roll your board against the ground and and hop on when both wheels are on the ground, you can also run and do it but start with a few steps then go fast.

Next is going down curbs, you get close the where you would fall then takes a tiny hop and let the board go down then fall back on to the board. Now its time for getting over cracks, put your weight on the back of the board and slightly wheely over the crack before you hit it. To ride fast go on a drive way or small hill and keep riding. Time for the kick turn, you put your back foot on the back and flick the board to the left or right depends on where you are going and make sure you are wearing a helmet. If you want to stop just wheely and rub the bottom back of the board on the floor if emergency just jump off.

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