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Skating for Kids

By: Jaylonn Kellum - Kellum Unlimited

First Time Riding - Get Moving

Before we start, make sure you're wearing your protective gear. You'll thank me later.

The steps to riding a skateboard are simple.

  • First, you put your left foot on the board if you're left-handed or if right right-handed put your right foot on the board.

  • Then you push with the foot that's not on the board.

  • When you get enough speed put both feet on the board and lean-to turn to the left to right.

  • Don't move your hips or upper body just use your ankles to guide the board.


If you want to stop just wheelie and rub the bottom back of the board on the floor. If in an emergency just jump off. Wear your protective gear, so you don't injure yourself.

Picking Up Your Board

Next is picking up your board. You'll need to stop first. Then step on the back of the board and it will kick up the front of the board. Grab it when it comes up.

Going Down Curbs

Next is going down curbs. When you get close the where you would fall, take a tiny hop and let the board go down. Then fall back on to the board.

Getting Over Cracks

Now it's time for getting over cracks, put your weight on the back of the board and slightly wheelie over the crack before you hit it.

Riding Fast

To ride fast, go on a driveway or small hill and keep riding.

Kick Turns

Time for the kick turn, you put your back foot on the back and flick the board to the left or right depends on where you are going and make sure you are wearing a helmet.

Riding Switches

You also have to learn riding switches. Riding switches are when you ride with both feet and lean on the opposite ends to keep your balance when something happens. You may also use this to reverse your lead foot when riding.

Buying a Skateboard

The key to buying a skateboard is to test it, but you need two skateboards from different stores to prove it. Then check it with the best skaters you know of to see if one is better than the other. Keep the better one and return the other one to the store and get your money back.

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