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Our Music Blog List is ready!

Independent Artists have to connect to as many people as possible to get their music heard. 

It can be difficult to get an audience to listen to your music. Why not connect to an outlet that can speak to your type of audience for you? Music blogs are one of the most effective ways of connecting to your type of audience which may not have heard of you. Music blogs already have engaged audiences and if they choose you, a blog may feature you on their site & introduce your work to their loyal fanbase.

I’ve spent the last few months scrubbing through my own resource list and my social media pages to find connections for independent artists to utilize. And the list is still growing. (This page will be updated)


100+ Music Blogs with submission links and notes (genres include Hip Hop, EDM, Electronic, Indie, R&B, Pop, Alternative, Multi-genre, etc)

I personally went thru each link to make sure it was current/active. There’s almost nothing more frustrating than error messages or seeing a website hasn't been updated since 2015. 

The file will be provided in an excel worksheet format for you to make adjustments or add your own notes. Oh, one other thing. I added a response column so you can keep track of your interactions with each blog site. Get it while the price is so low!

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