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One of the most powerful words you could ever say is, 'NO.'

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Real talk. Think about how many times you could have said 'no' and didn't. You probably found yourself in an uncomfortable predicament you could have avoided if you were honest with yourself and others.

In music, it's easy to say 'no' to the little things trying to throw you off, especially with untrustworthy, greedy, or, frankly, people who don't want to see you succeed. Saying no to those are easy. The harder ones come from the people you respect and trust. That feeling of loyalty is a magnetic pull on your heart, and you almost feel obligated to say yes. No one likes to anger or upset anyone, but you have to be honest with yourself.

Saying no is liberating. It frees up your mind and removes self-doubt and self-judgment. Think about all the headaches you could have avoided by saying no from the beginning.

Of course, the complicated situations are the ones that get your feelings involved. And don't forget the one's that sound too good to be true but you're afraid you'll be missing out. Those are tough to ignore. I'm not saying to become a skeptic with everything, but all aspects should be considered just like getting into a relationship with someone. You don't usually jump right into a relationship and get married (or do you???). I hope you took the time to consider if you should go for it or say no for the time being. And for the situations you would want to consider, later on, try to think about it like this:

"No doesn't mean never, it just means, not right now."

There is an absolute 'NO!' to certain things you won't accept even in a relationship. The same goes for your music; you have pillars of who you are that will be tested, and you'll have to stand firm by them. If there is something where you may come to harm in any way, then you say NO! Period.

One of the most powerful words you could ever say is, 'NO.' Use it to protect yourself.

Shaheim Kellum

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