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Music Rant: Where's your following?

RANT: So many artists not enough facts. Big following but no proof they really exist. NO budget but you're 'balling' at the bar. Everyone is looking for a manager, that's fine but what are you looking for them to do? Know their place just as much as you know your own and that goes for everyone you hire. Your manager isn't an ATM, nor is it their job to book your shows. If you have a following, record the ticket sales from how many you bring, get an average number that you can reference to and bring that following to specific places where you may be able to get PAID for bringing your following.

Stop overbooking your shows. Having a show 4 times in the same week, and you have to sell tickets, burns out your following, makes them seem like all you do is call them to buy a ticket. I don't care how much they support you, they will grow tired. Keep clusters of groups, Group A, B, and C. Rotate your invitations. AND PLEASE STOP complaining that you're tired of paying for showcases when it's on you to make sure you make the event worth while in the first place. Only 5 people there to perform in front of? You may wanna ask yourself where is my fan base at? And if you can't answer that then you may have found the real problem to really complain about. A SHOWCASE IS TO SHOWCASE YOUR COMPLETE PACKAGE... You are showcasing your Talent, Your Fan Base/Following, Your Brand, Your Image, and your overall presentation. That is all....

.For now...


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