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Music Coach Tip # 76 - Fans are driven by two things...

Think about all the things you've learned in your life. Now, what do you remember most? You always remember the stories. When you get with friends and reminisce by telling your stories from back in the days. I bet you can remember from when you were an adolescent, the stories you were told.

Stories are one thing but there's another thing that fans are driven by. When you were in school, the races to see who was the fastest in class were intriguing. Regardless if you were really interested in the race or not, you did care about who won. What was the final score? Did you get the job you interviewed for? Was it my ticket that won the lottery? Whatever it is, people are driven by the result of things.

Stories and results are the two ways of thinking or ways of remembering that have not changed as you've gotten older.


Even more so now, you are always ready to hear a good story. The news understands this and so does social media. The favorites that seem to go viral are the ones that are either heartfelt, cute, controversial, surprising, and, sadly, the most tragic. Your fans are just like you. They want to hear your story. If your story sounds like everyone else's, then they won't remember yours. Your story IS different and how you tell it can be as unique as you are.

Some people use writing, drawings, and illustrations. But you, my friend, you're doing it with music. Your lyrics, combined with pictures that are worth a thousand words, tell your story. In your interviews with media platforms are great ways to tell your story. You can't forget videos, short clips, and memes as well. You don't need a high-end production studio. All you need is a phone, a camera, and the internet. Look at that; you're probably using two of those things right now. Time to tell the world who you are and tell a story that the world will never forget. TELL THE TRUTH, THOUGH! Everyone remembers the liars, too, so be careful.


All of us have dreams, yet our reality defines our lives. Our reality is the sum of our ideas and decisions. In layman terms, it's our results that people, fans, and critics define us by. Whether it's doing something historical or accomplishing a societal milestone, it's what you do and what comes of it that people remember. If it works out very well, people will even try to copy it, reverse engineer it and apply it to their own lives. This is why your story is so important because the results you'll talk about in your story are what your fans will remember about you.

Focus your efforts on getting the results that you want for your music career and then tell the story of how you did it. You honestly don't even have to wait until you have the results to tell your story. You can tell your story as you're doing it. You can do it with a blog, Tik Tok, email newsletter, Instagram Stories, or a 30 second YouTube featured film. However, you get results, tell the world about it. Believe me, if it's interesting, relatable, or ruffles their feathers enough, people will be triggered to remember it. Who knows, they might want to stick around and hear how the story end. Loyal fans are the best, shout out to them.

- Shaheim Cynclair Kellum

Shaheim Kellum (pronounced Shah-heem Kel-lumm) is the author of "No Record Label Needed" (Amazon - Fall 2019).

A New York based, 14 year former independent music executive and the founder of the music biz advice blog

Music Coach Tips.

Anything Shaheim has an opinion about that he feels can help or affect independent music artists, he'll write about it on his blog, for other blogs and on his Twitter.

Follow him on Twitter: @TheMACoach and Instagram: @ShaheimBK


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