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When it comes to creating opportunities, take a look at your leverage & your activities. Then ask yourself:

What have I been doing lately?

What do I do well enough that others would want to pay me for?

What do I do well enough that others would want me involved?

Am I putting myself in a situation to get noticed and for others to offer me opportunities?

Figure out your answers to these and drastically improve your situation.

#MusicCoach #MusicCommunity

Shaheim Kellum | Music Coach & Mentor

Shaheim Kellum

(pronounced Shah-heem Kel-lumm) is the author of "No Record Label Needed"

(Amazon - Fall 2019).

A New York based, 14 year former independent music executive and the founder of the music biz advice blog

Music Coach Tips.

Anything Shaheim has an opinion about that he feels can help or affect independent music artists, he'll write about it on his blog, for other blogs and on his Twitter.

Follow him on Twitter: @TheMACoach and Instagram: @ShaheimBK

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