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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

‪Of course you want as many fans as possible but your approach may be too wild or your goal maybe too ambiguous. If I was your coach I’d say, start very simply. For one year, speak to 3 different people everyday about what you do. ‬

‪Track it so you know where you are and if you completed it for the day. Bring them in to a way can keep in contact with them. ie: followers, email address, subscribers, etc. Just 3 per day will get you almost 1,100 people for your fan base in a year. ‬

‪As you are growing your fan base every single day, you’re to keep engaged with the people that come into the fold. Every interaction, including on social media platforms, has a trick to it to keep people interested or at the very least leaving a seed in their minds to grow over time. I can get onto all that later or DM me and I'll explain. You just want to have top of mind awareness to your most motivated of fans. ‬

‪So about that 1,100 new followers you picked up in a year. At 100% conversion, that’s all of them buying your next $9.99 release, would generate almost $11,000 for you. But we live in reality so if you’re engaged right, your conversion goal should be upwards of 50%. No less than half should be buying your works on a release. $5500 isn’t that bad of a takeaway. ‬

‪As your list and audience grows you’ll have less control on engaging so that conversion rate may drop but only in percentage. 25% of 8,000 is still the same as 50% of 4,000. Don’t fret. Set an amount you want to make and find the number of fans that will give it to you. ‬

‪My goal is to continue to be consistent in bringing value every single day to emerging artists and music professionals. Follow me @TheMACoach on Twitter (Turn on your notifications) 🔔‬

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