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Music Coach Tip #20 - How do I get booked for shows?

Music Tip #20 - GET BOOKED FOR SHOWS: Reach out to other professionals and venue promoters and ask about the booking agents they would recommend. Unfortunately, booking agents are very much a trial and error process. Some agents may promise what they can do and not deliver.

It’s important to have the language of what the agent is specifically going to do for you in the agreement terms so if they do not provide what has been expressed in the contract, you may terminate it within the confines of how/when to leave the agreement w/ no issues.

If you don’t have an exclusive agreement with one booking agent, you may be able to hire more than one for your bookings.

Booking agents are looking for talent that can help them grow their profile and income. While they are providing you bookings for exposure and income, you in return are able to be an asset to them.

#MT20 - This can be a mutually beneficial relationship for you both. Always be on the lookout for events that fit your target audience and use the event information to ask for a contact to their direct booking agency.

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