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Music Coach Tip #18

Music Tip #18 - Your manager must have your best interest at heart and have a focus on developing and protecting your intellectual properties.

Make sure you understand the following (usually found in your agreement):
-Term length of your agreement
-Any and all renewal clauses
-What happens after the agreement expires
-Ownership of master recordings and material
-Termination clause
-Arbitration protocols
-Usage of your likeness, photos, sound etc
-Royalties & commissions

A manager may read and understand contracts but they are not a lawyer. So know that you are still entitled to legal counsel for matters at your discretion.

A manager may negotiate prices regarding performances but they are not a booking agent.

A manager may be great at the numbers and taxes but they are not an accountant or CPA. And even if they are, you would want an independent review of the books when it comes to payouts.

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