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How can I set music goals and actually stick to them? Music Coach Tip #58

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

We've all been there when it comes to goals. We have too many or we don't have the time to complete them and they keep getting pushed back. I think of it like this, if you're supposed to get paid on Tuesday you probably won't push back to next Monday, right? So why would you do it to the goals that could get you paid every day?

I want payday to be every day, but I have to put the work in now to get there. I have to set goals and stick to them. I know there are many ways to set goals and stick to them, but I'll give you the 6 steps I use:

6 Easy Steps to Set Goals and Stick to Them

1) Set a precise amount of time to work on your goal

I set a precise amount of time to work on my goal, daily. It doesn't have to be a lot of time, 15-30 minutes or so; however, it must be enough for you to get into a productive zone. I work on my daily goal at the exact same time of the day, for the same amount of time. The discipline it takes to say 'no' to everything else and just focus on my goal is what helps me get the most out of my time.

2) Put Yourself in a Zone

When it's time to get to work, I go into my zone. My zone has no distractions. I pick a place where I will not be bothered and I can just focus. I even turn off or put away my phone (unless I'm using it to complete my goal), and remove all other distractions. It's my 'don't bother me, I'm working" zone. Whatever your time frame may be, always remember, no distractions.

3) Complete the Time and That's It

As an example, if my time to work on my goal is only 15 minutes, then let it's 15 minutes. I'm laser-focused for those 15 minutes. I'm giving 115% in those 15 minutes. And when the time I've allowed my self is done, I stop. I try to get as much as possible done in that amount of time. I cram all the way to the last minute. Then I stop. Yeah, I probably could have done more, but when you have more time, you tend to not put all your effort in for the time you've allotted.

4) Don't Overcrowd Your Time

I suggest you don't overcrowd your time. If you try to do too much, the task will begin to feel daunting, boring, and uneventful. Stick to the time window and only expand it as the task becomes easier to do. You'll notice that you'll get even more work done since you'll be more efficient at this point. Don't give yourself too much time because you'll procrastinate and start pushing things off for a later time.

5) Set a Measurable Goal and a Deadline Date

I don't set goals that are random or too out of reach. I also don't set my deadline date so far in the future that I never get started. For example, if I'm trying to build content on my blog in the next month, I might set a goal to write 30 articles for my blog in one month. That's reachable. At the end of the 30 days, I'll know if I completed it or not. It's that simple. I wouldn't set a goal to write 600 articles for my blog in one month because I know I have other responsibilities that I need to tend to. If I tried to do 600 articles in a month, I know I would probably burn out after a few days. Your goal should be challenging but too far out of reach that you can't give it your best every single day. I always make sure that my goals measurable, unambiguous, and attainable.

6) Set A Daily Goal

This is the most important part of what I do to stick to my goals. I count the number of days from the day I'm to start to the day of my deadline. Next, I take my goal number and divide it by the number of days until the deadline. The result is what I have to do every day for me hit before the deadline. Every day, all I have to do is hit my daily goal number and that's it.

For example, if I wanted to set a goal to write 300 verses in the next 5 months (approx. 150 days), I would have to find out how many verses I would have to write per day to reach my goal.

300 verses / 150 days = You must write 2 verses per day

If you focus on doing just 2 per day, you'll hit your goal by your deadline date. Focus on hitting your minimum goals every day. If you get into a groove and do more than 2 verses on any given day, then that's fine. You'll just hit your goal way before your deadline date.

I hope this helps.

Summary - 6 Easy Steps to Set Goals and Stick to Them

  1. Set a Precise Amount of Time to Work on Your Goal

  2. Put Yourself in a Zone

  3. Complete the Time and That's It

  4. Don't Overcrowd Your Time

  5. Set a Measurable Goal and a Deadline Date

  6. Set A Daily Goal

Shaheim Kellum | Writer, Author, Coach, Leader

Shaheim Kellum

(pronounced Shah-heem Kel-lumm) is the author of

"No Record Label Needed"

(Amazon - Fall 2019).

A New York based, 14 year former independent music executive and the founder of the music biz advice blog

Music Coach Tips.

Anything Shaheim has an opinion about that he feels can help or affect independent music artists, he'll write about it on his blog, for other blogs and on his Twitter.

Follow him on Twitter: @TheMACoach and Instagram: @ShaheimBK

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