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Finish the damn's how

Here's a quick and short way to get you going on this.

When you are making an album, EP or mixtape you should use a few days to alert every producer and beat maker that they are looking for beats and/or gather a list of producer sites to check out. Don't forget to contact the producers you don't know but you might have seen on social media. Have them email you, DM, inbox or snail mail you for all I care with links, files or whatever you deem best for you to be able to hear the beats/productions.

Give it a week or two. During that wait, you should talk with your team on what sounds you are looking for and the concept of it. How will a listener be transformed after listening to it? What's the recording process going to be like, etc, etc.

Next, the 1-2 weeks are up so now it's time to sit with your team and go through EVERY SINGLE Track that was sent to you. If that takes a few days or another week, do it. You never know what diamond you will find.

Make sure you communicate with the producers and beat makers. One, because it builds character and the relationship and two you might need them again even if you don't select their track. Sometimes a producer is willing to make adjustments with someone he's cool with or even better if the record is soon to be bought or leased, so talk to'em.

Speaking of that, you as the artist should already have a budget of what you're going to spend on buying and/or leasing these beats, exclusive or non-exclusive, etc. Even if it's $200 people, a producer may still work with you if they know you're serious about spending a lil cash.

Finally, throughout all this, I hope you've been writing (YOUR LYRICS, of course) and now marrying your thoughts and ideas with the tracks you've selected. Get in the booth and start recording and I don't mean for 3 hours and that's it. Go for the layers, go for the feels, go for the story you want to tell and deliver it right and in harmony with the music. Have at it!

Get yourself some block time on a few weekends to record and knock it out. You should be rehearsing during the days you're not in the studio so everything is crisp when it's time to record. It saves time and money, believe me.

We can talk about how you're going to get people to hear it later. But do the rest of this stuff first and stop scattering your time away from getting this damn album done!

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