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Do this to gain followers on Instagram & Twitter

If you could collaborate or go on tour with any big-named artist, who would it be? Or better yet, which big-named artist has a following that would also love your music? Do you have someone in mind? Great!

Really quickly go to that artist’s Instagram or Twitter and begin to follow 20-30 people from that account. Better yet, I like to go to their most recent popular post and add the fans that have commented in length or liked it. That way I know they’re current or active users.

Do the same thing the very next day and the next and on and on. Make sure you speak to anyone that follows you back and like or comment on their recent posts. After 5 days of following approximately 100-150 people, check how many followers you’ve gained.

Even if you only gain 5 new followers per day, that’s around 1,825 followers won in a year. Voilà! Hello, fanbase!

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