5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Invest In Your Music Business.

Hello. This our first post on our company blog where we will be sharing our insight and expertise on music business insights to help elevate your professional career.

I know the title is eye catching but I want you to take a serious look at yourself before you truly commit to being in the music business. 

Should you REALLY get into your music business?

After all – many new talents have started and many have fallen away, losing interest when they don’t have the support that matches their expectations, they consider money to be the problem, or the business is just too hard. How do you know if this is the game for you? How do you know if you are going to be different, and really make a difference in this game? This post is going to very quickly give you five signs that maybe you" shouldn’t" invest in the music business for yourself. 


5) YOU CAN NOT COMMIT TO ANYTHING – this should not be a jump-in, jump-out “hobby”. Investing in your music business can be a life changing event as you will be dedicating time, energy, research, development and money in cutting out a slither of recognition and exposure to your music/message. Anything less than an honest commitment is only going to result in disappointment. You have to really, really want it. Do you? Then prove it! 

4) YOU’D RATHER WATCH OTHERS SUCCEED – Everyday there are exciting stories being told on the internet sites, blogs, in newspapers and magazines, etc and how successful many talents or entertainers are in our market. Perhaps, though, you are just the kind of person who likes watching others find success and would simply encourage them. If that’s you, and you really don’t want success as a talent, then this isn’t the area for you. If you do it for the art, then GREAT! But when you want to make money, then it is a business. You’re going to need to stop watching and start doing. 

3) YOU WANT YOUR INCOME GUARANTEED – Were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth? Some of you have and others have not. Maybe you are just content with the wealth that you already have, and don’t have any risk of losing it. In that case, you don’t NEED the music business (unless you just want to get in the game). The income in the Music Business can be exponential and it can also be non-existent. Do you have the resolve and commitment to work to a point of being able to create income at an expectancy level? You go to work, you get a check. This is work that does not guarantee you anything more than what you put into it and even that isn't guaranteed. I can guarantee you more work in development, practice, growth, legalities, meetings, planning, presentations, performances, branding, marketing and more and more research, more and more learning. Got it! - #NoDaysOff 

2) YOU WON’T READ ANYTHING EVER – As a professional, you’ll need to read. Period. This does not necessarily mean reading books (though, reading books are a great source of information!) However, you may need to read contracts, blogs, newspaper articles, leases, or one of a thousand other documents. If you refuse to read, ever – The Music Business might not be for you. The industry might look easy but it’s intricate and is the reason why many do not make it far. It would be better to HAVE and not need then NEED and not have… Knowledge. You’re reading right now, so you got this one. 

1) YOU DON’T WANT TO BUILD THE LIFE YOU’VE ENVISIONED – We all have dreams but many don’t see them clearly enough to go and get it. Many apply invisible obstacles in front of themselves, giving a mental block to ever getting started or pursuing their dream. “It’s too hard” – Success isn’t easy. “I don’t have the time” – But you have time for things that have less meaning… make time. “I don’t have the money” – Money is a utility to find your why. WHY do you want to live this dream? Your why is a reason bigger than your fear/challenges. 

“We are all faced with a series of opportunities, brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems."


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