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Life 'n' Skating

kids apparel

Life 'n' Skating

Kids Apparel

I came up with Life'n' Skating because of how cool skating is to me. Also the fact that I am able to design my own product and seeing other people wearing it is really cool. It would be awesome to have people wearing products that i made to have people walking around with my clothing. Others will ask where did I get it and I can tell them how I got it. If they buy it, awesomeness will be flying through my heart. I bet people would be proud of an 11 year old kid from Brooklyn having his dream of creating and selling his own products coming true.

I like to design things. I also put my initials, JK, on what ever I create such as sneakers, hats, watches, T-shirts and sweaters. For years I have been wanting to make my own skating gear to skate through the city. Eventually, I will be able to make my own video game about skating. Also, I will be a guide for you making your skateboard products so you can skate through the city or where ever you want to go. You can do tricks and flips but that is just for fun.

You can also come here for tips about skateboarding on my blog page - Life 'n' Skating

This is Life 'n' Skating - L.N.S. by Jaylonn K.

Skating Tips for Beginners

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