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Music ARtist COach

Independent Artists


Small Business

Learn how to...

speak openly and get the coaching you need

be coached on what to do next

Discover opportunities

Coaching helps you

See the Opportunity.

get out of your own way so you can see the opportunity

Address the issues and find the opportunity. Earn the results you need to get going.

Plan your next move

You've figured out what needs to be done, now it's time to come up with a plan on how to do it.

Execute & Record

Time to take action and record your progress. Find out what can be done better and raise your goals.


Let's discuss the truth of how to find it.



I believe that almost everyone has the potential to be successful as an independent artist.

Success simply is what it means to you.

Your choices and your attitude will determine your future and your character.

So let’s make the choice to strive for nothing less than our very best.

When you’ve been given the tools needed to navigate your career, you’ll see that you’ve had this opportunity waiting for you all along.

The biggest problem with opportunity is that it is right there for the taking but sometimes you can’t see it.

Something or someone seems to always get in the way... you. Yes, you!

When you don’t believe in your dreams, when you allow distractions to take you away from your focus, when you procrastinate and most of all and when you have a fear of failure, you’re creating the obstacles that are keeping you away from your success. 


Book a session and learn how to get out of your own way, leverage your career so you can make money and earn opportunities and negotiate on your own terms for better control of your career.

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.

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