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No Record Label Needed:  (Release Date TBD)

25 Things Independent Music Artists need to do

to get out of your own way, leverage your

music career and negotiate deals on your own terms.

Book Status Timeline

Completed 14 of 25 Things Indie Music Artists will need to do... - 9 Things... remaining

Creating the Outline - Outlining of chapters and topics to write

Mind mapping - 86 topics mapped out to discuss and decide if valuable enough to go into the book.  

30 Day Writing Plan - (Rough Draft Goal) 18,750 Words = 1,000 words/day, 5 days/week, 4 weeks

Deadline to Complete Rough Draft - July. 11th, 2018

Signed my contract with myself - My commitment to giving this book my all. My commitment to work hard, take action & be accountable. Committing to 1 hour a day of focused work to write and launch a Best Selling book in 90 days.

Set Goals - Become a published  author. Have a passive income coming in every month. Become a 'Best Selling" author.






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